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My work for the last 10 years on the Planning Commission has been in harmony and support of the “Sebastopol General Plan,” last updated on my watch on November 15, 2016.  Throughout the 2-year process of updating the General Plan, I participated with input through recommendations and ultimately the final draft approval as a planning commissioner.   I was proud of the work that we accomplished, and I was grateful to work with many other dedicated community members whose combined efforts resulted in this clear and well-organized document.  I am dedicated to seeing its continued implementation and support its Guiding Principles.  

  • Protect Sebastopol’s small-town charm, unique character, and strong sense of community.
  • Sustain and encourage a vibrant Downtown core and strong community identity through supporting and enhancing local businesses and creating higher density housing opportunities in the Downtown.
  • Improve traffic conditions in Downtown through reduced congestion, reduced speeds, and expanded facilities for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Emphasize sustainability and environmental stewardship in future planning decision-making.

In addition to supporting the vision of the general plan, I believe that COVID-19’s effects on the citizens and businesses of Sebastopol is going to take thinking outside the box to find winning strategies.  I will carefully consider all proposals and support those that make the most sense for the greater good.

I want to investigate how best to repair or replace the traffic lights for better timing to save everyone time and to reduce pollution.

I want to explore an expansion of the solar program to save the city even more money.  I want to  leverage County, Regional and State Programs for discovering more funding for parks and their restoration.  

To assist in the economic vitality of Sebastopol, let’s find more career opportunities to help the youth of our community stay in the place where they have grown up.  I would like to champion the creation of a goal of 50 living wage jobs created in the next 5 years!

I will continue to support the development of affordable housing for our seniors, students and new families at all income levels. 

Sebastopol takes pride in NOT being a big box town. We need to find creative ways to support our local economy of art, music, food and agriculture.  We need local jobs for local people. Let’s keep our money here in the community.

I will emphasize supporting home-based workers and businesses.  They have unique needs and I want to encourage networking to share proven successful strategies.  An effort must be made to identify those needs and create a support network.    

Committee to Elect Evert Fernandez
321 S Main Street #518
Sebastopol, CA  95472
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