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We are proud to endorse Evert Fernandez for City Council!

Sierra Club 
Sebastopol Tomorrow

Any titles listed below are for identification purposes of specific individuals, and are not meant to represent endorsement from those organizations.

Sebastopol Tomorrow, a local citizens group

Sierra Club

Sonoma County Democratic Party

Sonoma County Conservation Action

Council for a Democratic Sonoma County

North Bay Association of REALTORS®

Positive Men’s Support, Biking Club

Sunrise Analy High School

Lynda Hopkins, 5Th District Supervisor, Sonoma County

Ernie Carpenter, Former 5th District Supervisor, Sonoma County

Jordan Burns, Santa Rosa Junior College, Board President

Patrick Slayter, Mayor - Sebastopol City Council

Una Glass, Vice Mayor - Sebastopol City Council

Sarah Gurney, Sebastopol City Council

Robert Jacob, former Sebastopol Mayor

Linda Kelley, former Sebastopol Mayor

John Eder, former Sebastopol City Council

Dominic Foppoli, Mayor - Windsor City Council

Bruce Okrepkie, Current member, former Mayor, Windsor City Council

David Hagele, Healdsburg City Council

Jeff Okrepkie, Santa Rosa Planning Commission

Michael Jacob, former Sebastopol Planning Commissioner

Kellie Noe, West Sonoma County Union High School District Trustee

Ted Walker, West Sonoma County Union High School District Trustee

Dennis Rosatti, former Harmony Union School Board Trustee

Hugh Helm, former Board Member & President, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Amanda Erlendson, President of Active 20-30 of Sebastopol #63

Michael Gillotti, Living Peace Wall creator

Barry Chertov, Founder and Moderator of

Richard Abazia

Annalisa Baker

Brad Baker

Diane Bargetzi

Tasha Beauchamp 

Dannon Black

Jennifer Branham-Burns

Renata Brillinger

Gale Brownell

Elizabeth Bursch

Nancy Cadigan

Billy Coughlan

Marilyn Davis

Donna Diehl

Zach Douch

Kevin Dwan

Simone Fernandez

Yvonne Fernandez

James Fisher

Sunny Galbraith

Dan Gurney

Christopher Harman

Joseph and Peggy Heil

John Henel, Software Engineer (ret.)

Herman J Hernandez, Sonoma County Latino Community Leader

Evan Hershey

Patty Holden

Wayne Ingraham

Lawrence Jaffe

Nancy Jenkins

Josh Johnsen

Eric Jones

Gregory Jones

Robert Keyser

Virginia Koel

Rebecca Kostyal-Keyser

Jonathan Less

David Lim

Marsha Sue Lustig

Tim McCormick 

Juan McKay

Curt Miller

Donald Mills

Samantha Mineo

Eleni Misthos

Clare Najarian

Jane Neilson, Sebastopol Water Information Group (SWIG)

Kathy & Bill Oetinger

Ron Pizer

Ryan Rabellino

Marty Roberts

Larry Robinson

Robert Sanville

Willette Sinclair

Julie Smith, Physical Therapist

Clint Stockton

Candace Stockton

Phil Swetin

Daniel Swid

Mark Tansil

Bryan Taylor

Rick Theis

Kate Thompson

John Vigil

Jim Walker

Ernestine Ward 

Judy Wismer

Stephen Zollman


Comments from Supporters

I have known Evert for decades. He has a great work ethic and knows how to bring people together. Additionally he is thoughtful, caring and dedicates himself to all he strives for. I wholeheartedly endorse him for City Council. — Richard Abazia

I have known and worked with Evert for many years and he is the right person to elect to the city council. — Brad Baker

Evert Fernandez has grown up in Sebastopol, which gives him a special understanding of the needs and interests of the community. We wish him well in his new endeavor. — Diane Bargetzi

I have worked with Evert on several community projects and found him to be an insightful and dedicated leader. Delighted by the prospect of adding his much-needed voice to the City Council. — Tasha Beauchamp

I think Evert Fernandez would make an excellent Sebastopol City Council person. He is balanced in his approach and will work for Sebastopol.

— Ernie Carpenter

Evert is business minded as well as civic minded. A rare and valuable asset in these challenging times. Billy Coughlan — Billy Coughlan

As Evert’s fourth grade teacher at Twin Hills School it is an honor for me to testify to his leadership skills. At that early age Evert exhibited the skills, talents and the diversity that Sebastopol needs on our City Council. Please mark your ballots for Evert Fernandez. — Donna Diehl

He is so handsome! — Yvonne Fernandez

I have known Evert and his family for 35 years. You will never meet a nicer or more dedicated family man than "Everisto"! He will be a GREAT City Council member for the city of Sebastopol. Jim Fisher — James Fisher

Ask around and you'll learn, as I have. Everyone agrees: Evert cares, he does his homework, he thinks things through, he works effectively with others, and he gets things done. The Sebastopol City Council needs his perspective, his voice, his reasonableness, and his willingness to work hard for the benefit of Sebastopol. In these trying times, we need him. A lot. Vote for Evert. — Dan Gurney

We wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support Evert Fernandez for Sebastopol City Council! We know him to be a man of great integrity and is intelligent, thoughtful, kind and wise. He cares deeply about our little town and the people who live here. Evert will listen to all concerns and make wise decisions for our community. — Peggy and Joseph Heil

I've know Ev for about the last 10 years and my partner and I have grown to love him and Yvonne. They are smart, funny, and are two of the sweetest people we've ever met. They have a wonderful, warm home, and have raised to two smart, self-reliant daughters. Ev is even-tempered. balanced, and a natural leader who inspires confidence. He will make a great addition to Sebastopol CIty Council. — Hugh Helm

In addition to being a sincere and caring individual, Evert is a man of action and principals. He is a leader with a passion for everything he does. — Wayne Ingraham

Evert Fernandez deeply impressed me and my husband in his position as a member of the Sebastopol Planning Commission when we attended meetings in 2016-2017. His sense of fairness, commitment to understanding the issues thoroughly, his intelligence and clarity of thought, his calm demeanor and complete lack of ego, and his unwavering respectful treatment of everyone in the room were remarkable. We both hoped that he would consider running for the City Council and are delighted to learn that he is doing so. — Nancy Jenkins

Evert is an outstanding leader in our community. His vision in these challenging times is an asset to our citizens, our community and our future. — Virginia Koel

As a Planning Commissioner, Evert has always had the entire community in mind in every decision he has made. We have a lot of work to do. Evert is the measured voice I want on the Council. — Marsha Sue Lustig

I have known Evert for nearly 20 years originally through the service club we both belonged to. Active 20-30 Santa Rosa. Watching him move up from club president, to National Director, and finally as International President of Active 20-30. He has shown he can develop leadership among others, and bring together a diverse background of individuals. He truly would be an outstanding asset for my birth city of Sebastopol. — Curt Miller

Evert Fernandez is amazing. He has supported the growth and development of Active 20-30 of Sebastopol #63 from day one! He secured a proclamation in 2010 in honor of our newly formed club. Evert plays trivia and hosts installations for us. Evert has directed men and women to our club. His heart is in Sebastopol and he would make an amazing City Council member. Please consider voting for him! — Samantha Mineo

Lifetime Friend Evert is a high quality guy, with his knowledge and experience in city planning and active community involvement, he will make a excellent City Councilman! We are lucky to have such wonderful friend and neighbor. — Ron Pizer

Evert's the best! He's a real human with lots of experience in this world. He's a clear thinker. — Robert Sanville

Sonoma County Nurse Family Partnership Advisory Board Member; Sebastopol LANTERN Library Board Member, Former Sebastopol Library Commissioner, Former Sonoma County Child Care Planning Council Member. — Stephen Zollman

Committee to Elect Evert Fernandez
321 S Main Street #518
Sebastopol, CA  95472
FPPC #1430220

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